Family is most important for South Asians

Earlier this month I asked South Asians what they like. I used e-mails & social media (Facebook, Linkedin and Blog) to pose this questions. Mostly Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis living in Canada, the USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the UAE and Saudi Arabia responded. Many non-Asians also commented. Altogether, I received about 100 comments. Two interesting and distinct findings of the survey are; (i) the family came out as the major consideration by majority of the respondents of South Asian origin, (ii) comments from non-Asian respondents were very different from the preferences shown by the South Asian respondents highlighting a lack of understanding of South Asian culture by the non-Asian respondents.

Further detail and analysis of the outcome of the survey are as follows: 

(i) Majority of the respondents mentioned that family is most important to them followed by relations (relatives or relationships). It shows that marketing communication leveraging family, family values and relationship themes would have an “emotional connect” with South Asians with a greater possibility of striking a chord with them. Based on this survey, as South Asians are family oriented, they would mostly move together and could be reached at family events and melas in large numbers. Furthermore, it could be safely deducted that word-of mouth publicity will be effective in South Asian market segment. Read more of this post

Why this Blog?

Several times I have been asked the reason for starting this blog. Though I had alluded to it in the About page of this blog, I think it will be useful to provide additional perspective here.

When I started marketing integrated media (print, direct & online) for South Asian market segment, I observed that many corporate clients were deliberating on the What, Why, Where, How and When of the emerging market segment. I thought the best way to facilitate clients and add value to their marketing efforts is to share with them the information, research and analysis on the multicultural markets, advertising and other relevant topics. Hence this blog was initiated with the objective of adding value to clients by keeping them informed about latest marketing information, trends, developments and ideas.

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Battle at Kruger

This is an amazing video that shows unity, courage, perseverance and some luck can turn the tables even in an absolute adverse situation.

What do you learn from the video?  Let’s share our thoughts.

What do South Asians Like!

Personality traits (habits, likes and dislikes) are influenced by external environment and conditioning. These traits vary from region to region (East & West). For example, South Asians living in the East think, feel and act differently than South Asians living in the West (North America & Europe). I think the difference in their paradigm, likes and dislikes varies from one end of the continuum to another.

It would be interesting to know what South Asians like.

I invite South Asians to list three things that they like most in their personal, social and professional life. Just post (mention) the country where you live and three things in each aspect of your life. You can choose to be anonymous. I will share the findings of this on-line survey.

Hope it would be fun and interesting.


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