The other side of the picture…

I received an interesting article from a friend, Badar Shamim. It was written by Dr. Yamil Alanso who is working on a project for the Brampton Board of Trade. The article, titled Discrimination or Employers’ Expectations, shows the other side of the  immigrants unemployment / underemployment picture. Dr. Alonso asks if the new Canadians meet employers’ expectations and lists follow-up questions that he thinks need to be answered by new Canadians in order to ascertain if they are “employment ready”.

I believe that working on the areas highlighted by Dr. Alonso will help new Canadians move closer to getting a gainful employment in their fields. However, sincere & consistent focus and efforts on both sides of the picture will get them the suitable employment. Besides new Canadians, the onus is on the government and whos’s who of the immigration and settlement landscape to provide an even playing field to new Canadians for successfully assimilating and leveraging thier potential.

Check out the article by clicking on the link below and let us know your thoughts by posting comments.



About Fazal Siddiqi
Fazal Siddiqi Writes on current marketing, branding, communications, diversity and socio-economic opportunities & challenges. He lives in Canada and works for OPAL Marketing Group.

3 Responses to The other side of the picture…

  1. julie says:

    Hi Fazal,

    This is a very interesting prospective. I work in HR recruitment at Scotiabank…..and come across such things all the time.. I came to Canada 2.5 yrs ago…when studying 1 yr diploma…I realized lot of negetivity among immigrants regarding Canadian workplaces and opportunities…….

    My take would be 50-50…..there are both conditions in market place…a well educated, well groomed and mostly willing individual will definately get a chance in his own field with a bit of struggle but then how far up the ladder can he really go?? is this governed by this skills and ability or again by the white supremecy…basically the acceptability of a brown color.

    I have been working here for 2 years now…and have not seen one clear cut case of giving bonus to the new immigrant for his/her talent or skill….I would think that I got lucky getting this job…even though I was an Asst. Manager in India..they dont really care about that…

    Infact once while discuss an employee salary issue with my boss…this employee imigrated from Indian office to here. She was an Asst. Manager having 25+ years of experience in this company and here she had to start fresh a lowest level…but she did not do her education from her. My boss commented”but she should understand that she doesnt have Canadian experience and we are kind enough to give her a job!!” Oh you will not believe my shock……………….! it was really something..but then what can I say for another employee….. but this is how its is looked at!

    Believe it or not!!

  2. Ahad Rashid says:

    It’s a very common problem, which we get to hear from all new immigrants. We forget that while getting our immigration we were never assured any kind of employment by Immigration Canada. Having said that the onus lies on each individual to do his/her homework well before he/she lands into Canada. This should be each applicant’s pre- landing procedure i.e. research and then take the BIG STEP to become an immigrant.

    With respect to over qualified, discrimination, under paid etc comments, which we hear, after the immigrant has landed is not true 100%. I don’t deny that this does not happen but we have to measure the intensity of the matter. Most immigrants who land here on an average have over 10 years of work experience from their respective country in their field. Thus they think it’s their right to get some thing equivalent in Canada but that does not happen and they fail in their achievements. My question to them is how hard to they try? Because no matter which background you belong Job Opening in each individual criteria is not available right away. Therefore patience is the key.

    Wrapping up my comment all I would like to say is that there are more success stories then depressing situation it all relates to each individual’s circumstances. As they say when in Rome do as Romans do. Therefore new comers learn the Canadian way success will be at your doorstep.

  3. Fazal says:

    You hit the bullseye Ahad, patience is the key along with the positive attitude and hard work. And it helps to have an idea of the playingfield before hand.

    Thank you.

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