Good News, Any One!

Yesterday we received unemployment numbers for Canada and the USA. As expected, the situation is bleak and so is the short-term outlook. Canadian economy shed 129,000 jobs in January 2009 pushing up the unemployment rate from 6.6% to 7.2%. The US lost 598,000 jobs last month increasing its unemployment rate to 7.6%. The economy has taken a down turn, we all know this and in fact many people have been feeling the pinch for last few months. Whether you choose to call it by its first letter “R” or by full word “Recession”, we are in it.

Most of the news is of despair. Business confidence is very low! Consumer sentiments are down! Bad news sells faster so media accentuate the feeling of despair by abject reporting, by floating phrases like Cash is King, Hold onto your cash – Do not spend. Deep-freeze winter, record level of snow and winter blues don’t help either. Bad news works as a catalyst in the economic downturn, bringing down business confidence, consumer sentiments, spending and demand, and the economy. I think the only good news we had on politco-economic front during last few months was the inauguration of Barrack Obama and it is too early to expect positive outcome from the change. As the bigger the ship, the longer it takes to turn it around.

Governments are introducing effective polices on both sides of the border; however, the economic recovery will take time and the government cannot drive us out of this economic slowdown by itself. We all have to contribute our bit and do things differently, positively and do more of it. Changing times require a change in attitudes, behavior and performance. These are the times to remember the popular words of JFK and ask what we can do for Canada and for ourselves.

First thing we could do is trying cutting back on the bad news as an initial step towards checking and reversing the economic slide. Filter the irrelevant bad news. Information overload is not good and bad news overload is worse. It can cause indigestion. There must be good news around, small victories, successes, triumphs and achievements. Let’s make good news public and announce them. Good news is worth mentioning. No victory is small enough not to be rejoiced. This would help improve general confidence and performance, consequently rejuvenating consumer sentiments, demand, spending, business and economy. This along with government’s efforts and recovery package could re-generate the environment that will be conducive for jobs creation and would initiate an upward spiral.

We need good news and need lots of it. Let’s spell out goods new, if you have one, post it here. Share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Have you landed a new account, closed a deal lately, received positive findings from market research, increased market share, made a difference or your kids are doing well at school, what ever it is under the sun and over the belt – share it. I begin by seeing a ray of light and sharing it here. Despite the current job losses, 31,000 jobs were added in Healthcare and Social Assistance sectors in January ’09.

Moreover, stay focused in inceasing your performance and productivity. Look inward and see what you can do. Go an extra mile, make more calls, develop another consumer promotion, consider another business perspective and add value. Stay on your toes and cover yourself. Make more money for your company to minimize voluntary retirements, lay-offs and plants shut downs. I believe that good news, good feeling, confidence and higher individual productivity will collectively create synergy for success.  Your positive attitude and hard work will assist in weathering the current economic storm and prepare you to ride the wave of economic growth, when the economy recovers. As we all know, recession is an economic phase.

If you are thinking that how small initiatives like cutting back on bad news, staying positive and working harder and smarter can check the massive economic slowdown. Well, if you are working with the GM, Lehman Brothers or Bank of America and other similar organizations, this might seem far-fetched. However, our economy does not end at these firms. More than 90% of the people in the work force are there. Together, we can make it happen through power of numbers and the abovementioned small and simple initiatives will reach a tipping point for economic growth and prosperity. So take the first step and share good news.

Good News, any one! Please share it.


About Fazal Siddiqi
Fazal Siddiqi Writes on current marketing, branding, communications, diversity and socio-economic opportunities & challenges. He lives in Canada and works for OPAL Marketing Group.

4 Responses to Good News, Any One!

  1. Mike says:

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  2. Fazal Siddiqi says:

    Thank you Mike

  3. Gautam Nath says:


    You have hit the nail on it’s head. The issue while we are certainly losing jobs, there are hundreds of positions available if you dig deep enough. Yes, companies are streamlining their bench strength and hence those unfortunate are being laid off. Overall, hold your breath, this is a mere phase that will run its own and return to an economy far better and with greater focus on a brighter Canada and a better place for each one of us. Fazal, your views are great and with good insight, thanks for the post.

  4. brack says:

    Some of these may be out of date, but here are a few “wholesome headlines” since February. Pay no attention to the location of the businesses, but understand that when people make decisions like these, there is always reason for hope…in any country.

    CEO takes $1 Salary

    VIDEO: Some Iowa Businesses Thriving During Tough Times

    “…sometimes you have to put the numbers aside and just really look at what’s good for the people.”

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