Results of a Survey on South Asians – Jan 2010

I conducted an online poll and survey among South Asians using email and the social media, that is, LinkedIn, this blog and Facebook. People from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were contacted for this survey. The aim was to find out what inspires South Asians more, money or pride. The question posed was what is more important to you, Money or Pride? Please refer to the post below and the poll at for details about the poll question and possible answers to choose from. 

The above question was presented on LinkedIn and this blog. I tried to get descriptive answers via emails and Facebook so I adapted the question for emails and Facebook as follows:

What do you think is more important for most people, Money or Pride and what is more important to you between money & pride?

 I received 68 answers from the four mediums used. I can tell from the emails received that people from Indian, Pakistan and Sri Lanka did respond. The nationalities of people who took the poll on LinkedIn and this blog are not known. 26 responses were received via emails. The email was sent to people of South Asian origin who were on my contact list and I assume they cared more to answer. Second highest responses were received via this blog followed by LinkedIn and Facebook at 18, 14 and 10 responses respectively.

 Majority of respondents, 18 people (54%), responded that “Both Money and Pride are important to them”, followed by “Pride is more important” by 7 people and “Other considerations are more important” by 6 respondents. Only 3 respondents mentioned, “Money is more important”.

 Two interesting trends were observed in the responses to this survey, a) all the respondents who preferred “other considerations over money and pride” were women, and b) majority of people (18 out of 26 responses received via email) thought that “money is more important for others, and considered  pride or both pride and money are more important for them.

 It can be inferred from the fact that all respondents who showed “preference for other considerations” were women that South Asian women give more importance to other matters, like family, children, and home, over money and pride. This could be true because South Asian women are generally not the primary breadwinners so they focus on taking care of family and home. Marketers can probe this finding further to learn other drivers that could be effectively used to connect and hit bulls-eye with women.

 Secondly, majority of email respondents mentioned that “Pride” is more important for them, perhaps being or believing they are in self-actualization stage in Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. However, these same respondents thought other people are motivated by money (greed) and thus they belong to Maslow’s basement. This response also explains why only three respondents choose “money is more important”. This is interesting response and could be due to various reasons. For example, most of the respondents were white-collar workers or the thought that South Asian countries are poor and  people there mostly strive to make the ends meet. Whatever the reasons are, self actualization traits are worth considering while developing advertising and communication for South Asians.

 What do you think about the above findings? Are these what you expected? Please comment and let me know.


About Fazal Siddiqi
Fazal Siddiqi Writes on current marketing, branding, communications, diversity and socio-economic opportunities & challenges. He lives in Canada and works for OPAL Marketing Group.

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    Non verbal communication is important; especially for first impressions :

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