Advertising Gone Wasted

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half – this is a 100 years old quote that stands true for many ad campaigns even today. I saw few ads where 100% money was wasted and I think the advertisers have no clue.

The following ad appeared in a Georgetown, Ontario newspaper trying to reach South Asians with a divine public service message. Besides the models standing on the wrong sides of the flags, the ad targeted a geographical area where hardly any South Asian live. Can you guess how many South Asian families live in Georgetown? According to my findings, THREE, yes THREE. Money Wasted Ad
The above advertisement ran several times in a wrong medium spending $1,000+ per household, basically putting thousands of $$$ down the drain and it was public money intended for a good cause 😦

Another ad by a Grocery store used religiously incorrect image to convey their message. Sans the image, the print ad was good, with a big image, bold and consistent caption, right message and vehicle for connecting with South Asians, majority of whom are new immigrants in settling-in phase and are looking for bargains. Money Wasting Ad

The advertiser, however, forgot that many South Asians are either Hindu or Muslims. Most Hindus do not eat meat and most Muslims eat Kosher meat. So you bet, trying to convey that you get fresh grocery at low prices with a piece of meat will not turn most South Asians on.

The market is big enough now, businesses and government want to reach South Asians and have money to invest; the need is to pursue it seriously. Advertisers need to invest in market research and work with consultants who know both Marketing and the market. Experts who can develop and expand communication campaigns into targeted market segments considering the nuances for each segment. The organizations with half-hearted approach will continue loosing money and opportunities.


About Fazal Siddiqi
Fazal Siddiqi Writes on current marketing, branding, communications, diversity and socio-economic opportunities & challenges. He lives in Canada and works for OPAL Marketing Group.

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