What we do for living?

You asked what we do for living?

We have a Brain Bazaar,  Simple.

We start our Brain Bazaar every morning at 8:30am and use brains, lots of it, to come up with ideas and implementation to help fly our clients’ products & services off the shelf and showrooms. Our ideas are marinated in cultural flavors. We close our Bazaar at 5 pm but our brains keep working long after…

In-language, we are a Sodaagar (So`daa’ gar, سوداگر).  Sodaagar of Ideas ||

We try to to be unique in marketplace. To us uniqueness is being Innovative, Nimble, Courageous & Happy 🙂

Putting Multicultural Marketing On The Fast Track

Though Multicultural Marketing a.k.a. Ethnic Marketing is in vogue for years, its potential hasn’t been harnessed yet. Primarily due to short-term approach, heavy focus on paid-for advertising and lack of measurement. I wrote on putting multicultural marketing on the fast track for the Canadian Marketing Association blog. You can click here or on the CMA icon to learn more.CMA

Please let me know what do you think by providing your comments.

Quotable Quotes

  • The art of marketing is not finding more money to do more marketing. It’s figuring out how to tell a story that spreads with the resources you have got.  Seth Godin
  • Promise big and deliver bigger – the only reliable strategy. (Source Unknown)

A couple of more to share with you on a Friday afternoon.

  • I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes. Oprah Winfrey 
  • If you don’t have enemies, you won’t have character. Paul Newman


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Calling Canadians of South Asian origin living in the GTA!

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