Stay Simple, Stay Focused

Taking a leaf out of Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, I have a marketing mantra, Stay Simple, Stay Focused. 

It is easier to lose focus, get tactical and into a trial and error mode amid the changed marketing landscape with fragmented media, tight marketing budgets, increasingly empowered consumers and treadmill-economies. Advertisers are concentrating on quick sales, reducing costs per se, keeping up with the Joneses (competitors) and then firefighting. I think these short-term approaches wouldn’t cut it. Instead, starting with a well thought-out, step by step annual marketing plan to reach end-objectives and then sticking to it keeps it simple and focused, with the eyes on the prize.

The key to success is to research your market, segment it, present differentiated and relevant products / services, take a calculated (not necessarily the shortest) route to market and communicate your offer solves the problems or adds value better than the competitors’. Stay Simple, Stay FocusedMarket segmentation is imperative because consumers are closer (like a tribe) and more opinionated than before, thanks to the social media. Moreover, marketing implementation has to be step by step, like building a high-rise. As you can’t sow the seeds until you plow the field, similarly you can’t sell until you develop brand awareness, recall, trial and loyalty. Read more of this post

Fourth Anniversary of Marketing Mirror

Last month marked completion of four years for the Marketing Mirror. It also marked four years of self-expression and my two-cents’ worth on an area that I like to add value via big ideas and better practices. During this period I wrote 72 posts and articles for this blog (contributed few for the CMA blog and other publications as well) and received 122 comments. Several readers subscribed to Marketing Mirror during last few months.

Hats off to you, who visit this blog and provide comments on my articles. Imagine if you wouldn’t have provided comments and feedback, would I still be writing? Perhaps I would be :), but surely I would not be one happy camper. Read more of this post

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