Fazal Siddiqi

President & Director Strategy

I work with OPAL Marketing Group. We help clients build and increase demand for their products and services and grow business in new markets. We specialize in multicultural and digital marketing. I work and write on marketing, branding, advertising and multicultural trends, opportunities & challenges. It is, however, difficult to stay oblivious of surroundings, so I would foray into economic, societal and personnel issues as well. I also write on the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) blog. You can read these  at www.the-cma.org

My colleagues also write on marketing 2.0 and how it is shaping our market place.They add value here with their take and blog-post contributions. Most of the posts on this blog are about Marketing Principles, Perspectives & Practices.  The objective is to add value to the people around us (our clients, friends, family, colleagues and marketing students). We endeavor to do this by sharing our knowledge and opinion and by initiating a discussion on topics of significance and mutual interest.

Whenever possible, we will provide you with links, references and sources to our postings. Though, we are not responsible for the content of the sites that links to this blog. Moreover, we do not represent the opinion of OPAL Marketing Group.

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