What do South Asians Like!

Personality traits (habits, likes and dislikes) are influenced by external environment and conditioning. These traits vary from region to region (East & West). For example, South Asians living in the East think, feel and act differently than South Asians living in the West (North America & Europe). I think the difference in their paradigm, likes and dislikes varies from one end of the continuum to another.

It would be interesting to know what South Asians like.

I invite South Asians to list three things that they like most in their personal, social and professional life. Just post (mention) the country where you live and three things in each aspect of your life. You can choose to be anonymous. I will share the findings of this on-line survey.

Hope it would be fun and interesting.


Make it Great

I recently attended a seminar called Make It Great in 2008 presented by Phil Gerbyshak. Phil is a sought-after speaker. He educates by sharing tools and prompting to ask the right questions to ourselves. You might have heard some of the topics he covered in his seminar; nevertheless, it serves as a useful refresher. In addition to systematic reinforcement of common-sense strategies, there were some good take-away in shape of new thoughts and tools. I would like to share with you the learning from this seminar and my thoughts about it with a hope that it may add value.

First question Phil posed was what is the best way to start 2008? He presented that the best way to start 2008 or any year for that matter is to ask how you would like it to end. Phil elaborated to define what success means to you and recommended to write it. After writing the goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year, start taking decisions in line with your goals. Then, take actions in line with your decisions. This seems like a simple advice and possibly most heard of, however, it is also one of those initial steps that frequently falls through the cracks. Life is full of distractions so it is helpful to write down your goals, place it in a prominent place (your computer, desk, day planner or diary) and visit them at least once a month. You can put a reminder in your PDA or cell phone for a monthly rendezvous with your goals and actions.

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Lifestyle Difference in East & West

Western lifestyle is shown in Blue – Eastern in Red

This was desinged by Liu Yung and forwarded to me by Dr. Haroon Siddiqi

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