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If you have questions on my posts or in marketing and business development areas, you can ask me directly by submitting your questions via the box below:

I would be glad to share my thoughts with you.


Fazal Siddiqi

17 Responses to Ask Me!

  1. Aparita says:

    Dear Fazal,

    I am a reporter with CBC Radio’s morning show Metro Morning. We are looking for some comments on the Brampton stabbing case.

    I need to get in touch with Sunil and/or Nouman.

    Can you please send me their cellphone number?

    You can also reach me at 416 893 3482.



  2. IMRAN MAHBOOB says:

    Dear Fazal

    Many congrats for completing a year for blog. I have read couple of articles on it and learn from there 2. Also have shared my views and feel good to see response coming from professional people.

    I wish you best of luck and see more to come, take care.


  3. Fazal Siddiqi says:


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Stay tuned, there are many more to come and spread the word.


  4. nazeeha says:

    Hi there Fazal. sorry I have been incommunicado…. dont get time to get into this blog buisness !!!! the state of affairs here has so much otherwise going on….
    You know I am a market research professional …let me know how can I contribute to getting in more research relared discussions into your blog.
    you have my contacts in linked In . call or email. I will respond back

  5. Dale Sproule says:

    Hi Fazal,
    Great blog. I read your article on importance of the family to South Asians and wanted to invite you to use your survey results and your own very acute observations to write an article for our Family Issue in May.
    Please get in touch.
    Dale Sproule
    Publisher, Canadian Newcomer Magazine

  6. Hasnain Abbas says:

    Dear Fazal,
    I like the format of this blog…. its simple in design and very functional. Just could not resist writing to you and congratulating you. I went through some briefs and will be going through them more. Interesting stuff. Keep it up.

  7. Thank you so much Hasnain.


  8. Ted Walsh says:

    Great Blog, Hasnain! I came across the entry from June 15, 2008 – What Every Good Marketer Knows About South Asian–Canadians – and was wondering where you got the stats?
    Great info, but I’m unclear where the numbers came fro… can you help me?
    A fan.

  9. Hi Ted,

    Thanks for your comments. Most of the stats are from StatsCanada 2006 Census report. I used information from multiple sources including Ipsos-Ried, secondary research and primary research using social media.

    Just for records, my name is Fazal 🙂


  10. Hey Fazal,

    interesting blog, I’d like to follow it. Quick question – how do you increase clicks and drive traffic to it? Being a marketing person too, would like to stay in touch with you.

    Wesley-Anne Rodrigues

  11. Thanks for writing to me.

    I drive traffic to my blog by staying current and writing regularly (at least twice a month), and posting my writings to marketing forums. However, my primary aim is not to increase clicks-troughs but to add value to my clients, friends and other people who are following my blog.


  12. Renato Oliveira says:

    Hi Fazal,
    Fantastic blog! I wish I had come across it earlier. I am a Brazilian Product Manager who will be landing as an immigrant in Toronto with my wife and daughter next October 12. What would be the three top advises you would give to a Portuguese speaking marketing professional like me to succeed in Canada?
    Congratulations and thank you!

    • Hi Renato,

      Thanks for contacting me.

      For starters, check out couple of my articles as follows:

      Canada Calling Now What from July 2008 archive

      The other side of the picture from November 2008 archive

      Let me know if you have questions.

      Good luck,


  13. Faiza Khan says:

    Hi Fazal,

    I am a Creative Manager at a prominent advertising agency here in Pakistan. I am considering moving to Canada but would like to have a job in hand before I take the plunge.
    Advertising in English or in Urdu is not a problem with me, however I have more experience naturally in Urdu adverts. Do you think that could be a problem in securing a job in a good English centric advertising agency ? what other options can be looked into?
    For reference sake, you can look me up on at
    or check out my showreel at

    • Hi Faiza,

      I have seen few people got the job soon after landing here but most have to go through the grind.

      Multicultural marketing is on the rise here so you have a good chance. It depends how soon you can acclimatize, network with the relevant agencies and on your persistence and flexibility.

      It would be a good idea for you to Google ad agencies and start writing to them to have a feel of market.

      For starters, check out my article, Canada Calling Now What from July 2008 archive on this blog.

      Good luck,

  14. ANI JO JOSEPH says:

    Dear Faizal,

    I am an MBA student from vancouver,canada.I like your survey findings on ,Most South Asian-Canadians Shop at No Frills.Could you send me the details of questionnire which you have used for this servey.

    Thanks and regards

    Ani jo Joseph

  15. Hi Ani jo,

    This research was done for a client. The questionnaire is confidential. Though let me know what are you looking for. I might be able to help.


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