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[olldaddy poll=5032824]







3 Responses to Have your say!

  1. It’s not really the kind of choices one can juxtapose together – both are equally important for survival, however Pride is more long term.
    Anyway, interesting to see how in today’s dog eat dog world, Money is voted higher than Pride. It’s all about short term gratification.
    Then again, it would be nice to be able to see a profile of your voters…I’m sure there’s a trend there.

  2. Hi Wesley,

    I noticed following trends in the above poll.

    Male respondents mostly choose “money” and “both money and pride” as important.
    More Female respondents choose “other things as more important” to them.

    I believe many respondents, specially South Asian respondents, choose politically correct responses. So I assume some of the respondents may wanted to go for “Money is more important” but may have opted for Both.



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