Creative Audi Ad


I found this ad highly creative and nicely-done in communicating the brand message for superior road grip and manoeuvrability. A great way to convey legendary quattro technology by drawing a parallel with firm grip.

Audi quattro effect


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Creative Ad VIII


Olympus Zoom

Another creative that I like – attention grabbing big and sharp image, no text, funny, easily adaptable to different media formats; digital, print, outdoor. The ad reinforces the brand and communicates the message well.  The only element that I find missing in it is a web address, at the right corner in small font, for the convenience of the potential customers.

P.S. If anyone wants to learn more about Olympus zoom features, why to put them through additional step to google it? Why not direct them to a place where they can find about the product and its features / benefits?

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Creative Ad-VII

Bengay ad

Another good  ad with all visual, color and minimal copy. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s a simple creative with a touch of humor. The visual aptly conveys the message that you get immediate relief from pain with Bengay, like having a new leg! The tagline should have been bigger to be legible in smaller versions / reprinting of this ad.

Overall, kudos to Bengay and their ad agency, JWT, Shanghai.

Creative Advertising-V

Veet cream ad

This ad was developed by creative agency Euro-RSCG and printed in the Daily Telegraph, Sydney on January 21, 2009. It leverages George BUSH exit for promoting Veet – hair removal cream. It is funny, simple, timely (in fact, spot on) and simply effective. I believe it got much more exposures and a wider Reach than it has paid for. Moreover, it connects well by alluding to a popular event.

If an ad makes its readers / audience smile, I think, its a job well done!

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