Media Habits & Attitude Study Among South Asian-Canadians

Are You Effectively Reaching & Connecting With Your Customers?

Find out by knowing recent insights on Media-consumption Habits & Attitude Among South Asian-Canadians:

  • The Media South Asian-Canadians most-often engage with
  • Popular TV and Radio Programs, Publications and Websites
  • Best Times to Advertise and Print Sections to be in
  • Media Ratings
  • Media consumption by sub-segments; Age, Gender, Income, City, Ethnicity & Time in Canada

The study was conducted in August 2011 and includes men and women of South Asian origin, 18 years and older, residing in the GTA and the GVA.  This research helps in market and media segmentation for effectively targeting, reaching and connecting with your market. It will facilitate in achieving higher ROMI and satisfied customers / clients.

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Advertising in Recession

Some advertisers tend to pull back on advertising during economic downturn. I see several advertisers are contemplating to cut down on advertising and few have already done so. This knee-jerk reaction is natural amid news of slowing economy, job losses, turmoil in auto sector and sub-par (read sub-prime) performance by the financial sector. I believe that retrenchment decisions are largely influenced by emotional and psychological stimuli from the external environment. I would digress momentarily to share a joke with you in support of the above premise. A friend, Ahad Rasheed, sent this joke and I quote with some additions.


An old man used to sell hot dogs. His eyesight was weak so he neither read newspapers nor watched TV. All he did was selling hot dogs and he sold lots of them and had a good income. Old man son graduates from a business school and joins him in business. He tells his father that economy is not doing well and he should save some cash, as Cash is King! The old man started buying fewer buns and meat, closed his shop before sunset to save on Hydro bills and consequently his sales went down. His brother retired from a government job and had seen the old man prosper by selling hot dogs. So he wanted to invest in hot dog business too. He seeks old man advice. Guess what, the old man advised; the economy is slow and hot dog sales are down. It is recession!


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Cookie-Cutter Advertising Does Not Cut it

If you are in a real estate market selling or looking for a residential property or have sold or bought one, you would have noticed it and will agree that all real estate print advertisements look the same. If you have not noticed the similarity yet, I am confident that after reading through this article, you would. Real estate print advertisements are of same size, mostly small, with similar layout, image on the right hand side of the ad, text on the left, small type font and lots of ads cluttered on a page. In multicultural (ethnic) newspapers as well, where generally properties are not listed, the ads layout resembles the mainstream newspapers. That is, the ads are small in size, mostly black & white, the image of the property, however, is replaced with a headshot of the sales representative. One difference in the real estate ads in multicultural newspapers and magazines is that these do have a caption or a heading. Though, the relevance and emotional connection of the heading with the target market is a moot point.

I call the above mentioned advertisements the cookie-cutter advertising, as if a baker has used his recipe and a mould to cut all real estate ads similar in size, look and feel. This symmetry could be a job par excellence in bakeries but I believe it does not provide a unique selling preposition (USP) or a competitive edge to real estate advertisers. To me, it is akin to driving through a street alongside townhouses built by one builder, Daniels, Mattamy Homes or Great Gulf Homes, looking similar in architecture and style. One has to slow down and make an effort to spot a particular townhouse. Similarly, a reader has to make an effort to discover the offer or simply, what’s in it for him! Read more of this post

Effective Advertising in the Changing World of Marketing

A friend who is the head of an advertising agency commented last week that one of his clients, a leading national Advertiser, considers that their branding gets distorted from advertising in newspapers. His remarks stuck to my mind and inspired me to mull over the effective advertising media in the changing world of marketing.  Though Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium and provides core benefits of cost-effectiveness and targeted advertising, the TV, radio and print media are still high impact advertising tools for effectively reaching target market for several products and services. For example, consumer packaged goods, personal care brands, grocery products, and over-the-counter drugs to name a few.  Read more of this post

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