7 Steps To A Highly Effective Cimmunication Model

I wrote this post for the CMA last month under the heading, If you tell more, you sell more? The idea is to refine the advertising and communication model aligning it with new marketing. I am reproducing it below, in case you missed it earlier.

Many advertisers believe in the cliché, if you tell more, you sell more. It seems these advertisers think as they are paying for ads, they have a right to mention everything about their brand; its features, benefits, sales offer, slogan and their dog’s name. In doing so, advertisers forget the main purpose of the communication is to connect and convey the idea, not to overload the audience with information.

Gone are the days when you could sell more by telling more. Hard core push selling is being replaced with soft and pull-creating marketing and branding. We live in a cluttered world. You go to Chapters and will find hundreds of books on a topic. You Google a topic and get thousands of results. Though how many of these are relevant, is anybody’s guess. People are not hungry for information. They are satiated and have become selective information-seekers. It is critical to understand that less is new more.

Follow these seven proven steps for building an effective and successful communication model and you would be laughing all the way to the bank.

1. You are primarily selling solutions. Solution to the needs and pain points of your target market. So find out what are the needs of your customers, select one or two needs that you can serve best and provide them with better solutions for these needs. The emphasis is on providing solutions that are BETTER than your competition. Read more of this post

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