Love Letter from a Marketing Man

My Sweetheart,

You are the target market of my life. I had a shotgun advertising & communication approach. Since I have met you, my strategy is focused, positioning is clear and messages are targeted for minimizing the noise and increasing branding effectiveness.

Now all my advertising messages are for you; to inform, educate and motivate you. My  messages are intended to grab your attention and drive it to the focal point for you to notice the image of my heart and copy of my soul crying for Call-to-Action; a call to connect and I hope to connect emotionally. Signature of my advertising message has my coordinates for your convenience.

You have attained a mega brand and blockbuster status in my life with highest top-of-mind awareness, recall, market share and brand loyalty. Even your parents have a niche in my heart. Research and insights validate this fact. You have a perfect customer profile for my service offers. My promotions are for you.

May you always be in a growth stage of the life cycle and never see a decline. My love is meant to be an outer packaging for you; enhancing your brand appeal and protecting you from external environment. Let me know if I can do anything to satisfy and excite you, as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. My customer service lines are open 24/7 for you. I will endeavor to positively impact your bottom line.

Happy Valentines Day,

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