Media Consumption Among Canadians of South Asian Origin – Part I

OPAL researched media consumption of South Asian-Canadians. The data was collected online in the Greater TorontoSouth Asian Media study and Vancouver areas. Television, Radio, Print and digital media were studied. Media consumption by age, gender, city, time in Canada, HH income and education were reported.

We are sharing top-line insights of this study via a series of blog posts here. So stay tuned and visit us regularly.

  • Internet and TV are the most widely consumed media, as 91% South Asians (SA) use Internet & 89% watch TV at least a few hours in a week.
  • 75% South Asians read newspapers / magazines and 63% listen to the radio. However, engagement, time spent with these two media, is low.
  • South Asians engage more with new media, as 70% use Internet for more than six hours a week, including 25% SA, who use for more than twenty hours a week.
  • TV viewership is similar among SA in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) at 91% & the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) at 89%. Though TV engagement (time spent watching TV) is higher in the GVA.
  • Radio listenership & Newspaper readership are higher in the GTA versus the GVA, as 64% SA in the GTA listen to radio versus 54% in the GVA and 77% read newspapers versus 70% in the GVA.

  • Internet usage is also reported higher in the GTA, as nearly one out of four SA use Internet for more than 20 hours a week in the GTA versus one out of five in the GVA.
  • TV watching “Most-often watched TV channel” is largely fragmented with no channel scoring more than 10%
  • About half of the SA listen to both English and in-language radio programs

Please comment and let me know if the above insights are in line with your observations or findings, thanks.

Media Habits & Attitude Study Among South Asian-Canadians

Are You Effectively Reaching & Connecting With Your Customers?

Find out by knowing recent insights on Media-consumption Habits & Attitude Among South Asian-Canadians:

  • The Media South Asian-Canadians most-often engage with
  • Popular TV and Radio Programs, Publications and Websites
  • Best Times to Advertise and Print Sections to be in
  • Media Ratings
  • Media consumption by sub-segments; Age, Gender, Income, City, Ethnicity & Time in Canada

The study was conducted in August 2011 and includes men and women of South Asian origin, 18 years and older, residing in the GTA and the GVA.  This research helps in market and media segmentation for effectively targeting, reaching and connecting with your market. It will facilitate in achieving higher ROMI and satisfied customers / clients.

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Most South Asian-Canadians Shop at No Frills

We conducted a market research in May 2011 on Grocery Shopping Habits of South Asian-Canadians. It was done through an online survey for a CPG brand. Composition of the target groups mirrored 2006 Census data on key demographics; gender, ethnicity and place of residence.  Target respondents were Canadians of South Asian origin, age 21 and older, principal grocery shoppers, living in the GTA. 289 responses were collected.

I share few non-proprietary top-line findings and insights below.

Grocery Shopping:  57% South Asians usually buy groceries at No Frills and 36% at Food Basics, based on the responses we receivedGrocery Shopping for this survey. Wal-Mart is a close third at 33% and Freshco fourth at 24%. Wal-Mart improved its ranking, as only 27%  respondents mentioned that they shop for groceries at Wal-Mart in a similar survey done earlier. Please see the table for data on other grocery stores in the GTA.

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Take a short survey. You may win a $100 gift card

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Results of a Survey on South Asians – Jan 2010

I conducted an online poll and survey among South Asians using email and the social media, that is, LinkedIn, this blog and Facebook. People from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were contacted for this survey. The aim was to find out what inspires South Asians more, money or pride. The question posed was what is more important to you, Money or Pride? Please refer to the post below and the poll at for details about the poll question and possible answers to choose from. 

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